Bible Study

Bible study on the Gospel of John begins September 5, 2017

Beginning on September 5, 2017, the community of St. Mark’s will break open the beautiful study of the Gospel of John.

This gospel has the unique feature of being written by one of the apostles that was one of Jesus’ closest friends. John was the apostle who stood below the cross, and the one that Jesus charges with the responsibility of caring for his mother. He wrote with warm affection and deep love for Jesus. It was his earnest desire that all who read his gospel would come to know Jesus the way he knew Him; first and foremost as the son of God and secondly, as the promised Messiah that would save the world from sin and death.

John’s motive for writing this gospel was to help all who read it to believe that Jesus was truly God. In fact the word believe or related terms is used close to 98 times in this gospel. And what does it mean to believe in Jesus? It means that we see Him as more than just a good man, more than just an extraordinary teacher, more than just a humble servant, but we see Him as the Son of God who died that we might live.

Dr. Scott Hahn and Mark Shea authored this 28 week Catholic Scripture Study International Bible study. Dr. Hahn, one of the world’s most successful Catholic authors and teachers, founded and chairs the prestigious St. Paul Center for Biblical Theology. Mark Shea, an award winning columnist, is also a nationally-known speaker. These talented authors will help you uncover the deep meaning that this gospel holds and will help you apply the Biblical truths held within John’s chapters.

Registration will be held after Masses on the weekend of August 12 and 13, 2017. Mark this date on your calendar and watch the bulletin for reminders. Books will be available for pick-up at this registration if you preregistered. In order to have a book for the first class on September 5, you will need to register at this parish-wide registration.

Classes are held on Tuesday morning (9am-11am) and Tuesday evening (6:45pm-8:45pm). Babysitting is provided for children one year and older when requested. Please contact Becky Schulze at (210) 771-6968 for questions about morning classes and Carolyn Hrncir at (210) 422-2255 for evening classes.