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Where You Go I Will Follow You!
December 12, 2023 at 6:00:00 PM

St. Marks, Knights of Columbus Sponsored Men’s Day Retreat
January 13, 2024
Christopher Hall

Open to all Men – A Spiritual Journey to Renew our Faith.

Our nonstop hectic lives can bring a heavy toll on our families and our lives. This past year has been one of the hardest ever. Wouldn’t it be great to just get away for a while? You are invited to join this Knights of Columbus Sponsored Day Retreat and experience a calm and relaxing day on retreat. It will be a great way for us to reacquaint with each other, bring calmness back into our lives and continue our spiritual growth. Please join Father Kevin, and St.Mark parishioners in this wonderful spirit filled day retreat. We will have a light breakfast, a Rosary, some meditation, music and. a great lunch. All men are welcome.

Who: Open to all Men 18+
Date: January 13, 2024
Time: Registration at St.Mark Church - 7:30am
Location: Christopher Hall
Cost: $20 Love Offering
Contact: Sal Scalia 210-913-5784 or Tony Strappel 432-360-8397 for more info.

Register online HERE.

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