About St. Mark the
Evangelist Catholic Church

The Community of St. Mark the Evangelist would like to welcome you. It is our hope that you have found a home here at St. Mark in which to celebrate your Catholic Faith. You will find there are many opportunities to participate in the life of the parish. Although St. Mark is growing with more than 3,700 parish families, we invite you to feel a part of parish life by praying with us at our weekend liturgies, attending our many special activities and events and/or by joining one of the many ministry groups or organizations. The parish will not seem so large when you get to know us a little better.

If you happen to have any special needs with which we might assist you, please contact our parish office at 210-494-1606.

Meet Our Team

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Starting with 325 parish families, St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church has grown to more than 3,700 registered families, with hundreds more attending regularly. Our community continues to grow and change, but we are proud of our history, and we remain the same welcoming, vibrant parish. The formation of St. Mark's began in the spring of 1976 when Father Thomas Murphy accepted the responsibility of serving as the first pastor of the newly planned parish. Father Murphy was ordained in Ireland in 1966 and had previously served as the assistant pastor at St. Thomas More in San Antonio. In June 1976, Father Murphy wrote a letter to the 325 families living within the boundaries of the new parish, requesting their help in selecting a name for their new church. St. Mark the Evangelist was chosen from the many suggested names. Archbishop Francis Furey † formally established the parish as the 160th parish in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. St. Mark's leased space from the North East Independent School District, and the first Mass was celebrated in the Blossom Athletic Center on September 24, 1976. Almost immediately, plans were initiated to construct a permanent church. The early community participated in selecting the design for the church and administrative complex. The groundbreaking was held on February 1979, with over 600 families registered in the parish. When the church building was dedicated the following December, over 800 parishioners, priests and clergy were in attendance. The church building was designed and built to reflect the first community. The homelike atmosphere made of natural materials emphasized simplicity and serviceability. Over the next nine years, Father Murphy served the community of St. Mark's with Theresa Berg as the pastoral director. This model of collaborative ministry was one of the first in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. During this time, the parish grew in spirit, physical size and population. In 1981, a multi-purpose field house, garage and baseball, and soccer fields were completed. Much of the community activity of St. Mark now takes place in the multi-functional community center built adjacent to the church. The dedication of this community center was held on June 30, 1985. After serving for 12 years at St. Mark's and celebrating his 25th anniversary as a priest, Father Murphy was reassigned as pastor of St. Peter Prince of the Apostles here in San Antonio. In 1988, Rev. Sean Garret † was assigned as our new pastor. Father Garret also celebrated his 25th anniversary at St. Mark's. During his tenure at St. Mark's, In November 1991, Father Garret transferred to serve in the Diocese of Tallahassee. That same month, Father Kevin Ryan became the third pastor of St. Mark's. He had served the previous 10 years as pastor of St. Rose of Lima, which he founded in 1981 and where he built a community and church. Father Kevin brought with him a vision of parish, which closely resembled the collaborative style of ministry that had begun in 1976. Father Kevin established his vision of collaboration. A strong ministerial team is now serving the parish. This team represents the sharing of gifts of the laity and the clergy side by side. The parish community grew to approximately 2,600 families. It was during this time that the building committee (made up of parishioners who had been meeting since 1991) was able to fulfill their dream of building a new sanctuary. It was seven years from the planning and development to the completion in January 2000. Seating 1,500 individuals in its main sanctuary, St. Mark's has the highest seating capacity among Catholic churches in San Antonio. As growth continued, Knights of Columbus Council 7613 realized their dream for a hall. Hand in hand with the parish, they built a two-story hall adjacent to the new sanctuary. Their gift of the upstairs meeting rooms for the use of parish organizations and ministries is a sign of generosity and unity with St. Mark's. It was dedicated on June 11, 2005. In response to the exponential growth of the parish community, St. Mark's acquired the property adjacent to the parish campus, located near the Highway 281 entrance (formerly Church of Christ). Purchased in 2013, the property added an additional 14 acres to our existing campus. This acquisition has allowed for the growth and expansion of our parish mission.