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Scheduling of St. Marks Facilities

Zulaika Muniz in the Pastoral Office will be receiving and entering your dates into the Facilities Scheduler. After we meet when all of the dates have been entered, we will notify all parties concerning conflict of dates and do our best to support all ministries.

St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church
Community Center Facilities Rental/Leasing Fees
(Revised March 2, 2007)

Our Mission Statement is: "To spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all God's people by word and action." In order to accomplish our mission statement and to accommodate our more than 4,500 parish families and community, the prioritizing of orderly usage and the charging of fees in order to preserve the facilities and provide the necessary service support for each activity are as follows:

  • The priority of facilities usage shall be St. Mark Church Liturgy, Ministries, registered active parishioners,  and the Archdiocese.
  • All lessee's will pay 100% of the additional or extra charges as appropriate for their activity or function, which includes damage to the facility, utility fees, labor for setting up, monitoring and cleaning after the activity, security, paper supplies provided by the lessor and special staff that may be needed during the activity or function which may not be included in the original facility (building) or activity fee. These fees will be computed on an individual basis between the lessee and St. Mark during the initial request for facility.
  • All Archdiocese activities fees will be 60% or (negotiable by Rev. Msgr. Kevin E. Ryan, Pastor and Mrs. Dorothea G Hamlin, Pastoral Administrator), of the facility (building) usage and utility fee.

We will make every effort to ensure that your event is just right.


Usage Fees

Contact the Pastoral Office regarding the Facility (building) usage fees and required deposits.


Additional Information

Main Sanctuary - Seats about 1500

Day Chapel - Seats about 100

Gym - The gym will normally accommodate up to 400 people comfortably for a sit-down meal, with a large area for dancing

Shalom Room - This room will accommodate up to 100 people for a sit-down meal. A few more people may be accommodated for a stand-up reception.

Classroom (regular size) - Will accommodate 35 people comfortable

Rules for St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church Facilities

  1. Respect our PROPERTY. Exemplified behavior should be the norm.
  2. Only the facilities specifically leased may be used. There can be no interference with regular church service, etc.
  3. No alcoholic beverage of any type may be sold by the lessee during their activity. Alcohol may be served only in the presence of a security guard.
  4. No alcoholic beverage of any type will be present or sold at any event that is youth oriented, such as, quincenieras, youth dances, and CYO events.
  5. Smoking is prohibited in all parish facilities except in designated areas as follows:
    • Walkway between community center and pastoral offices
    • Picnic benches outside community center
    • Outside south entrance of community center
  6. Dance wax or powder is not to be used on the gym floor.
  7. It is understood that the lessee and guests will have total respect for the staff of St. Mark's and the security guards that are on duty.
  8. The deposit will be retained if the facility used is left in a way other than it was presented to you.

Christopher Hall Information

For more information about availability of Christopher Hall, please follow this link: Christopher Hall.

Church Location

1602 Thousand Oaks Drive
San Antonio, TX 78232
(210) 494-1606
Map & Driving Directions

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