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Church Art & Artists

Sister Mary Peter Tremonte, O.P.

The late Sister Mary Peter Tremonte, O.P., liturgical artist of Studio Domenico in San Antonio, designed and crafted many of the items for our original sanctuary, which are now in our new church sanctuary and worship spaces. These items and their new locations are

as follows: the Risen Christ (Day Chapel), the Tabernacle (Eucharistic Reservation Chapel), the Stations of the Cross (Day Chapel) the Blessed Mother bas-relief (Eucharistic Reservation Chapel) the Ambry door and Bronze bas-relief plaque of John baptizing Jesus (on wall near Baptismal Font) and the stained glass Reconciliation Room window (Reconciliation Room). Some of these items were restored or renovated by Mark Humenick for reuse in our new sanctuary.

Sister Mary Peter also designed the two large etched/incised glass windows from the original Day Chapel. These windows, depicting the Last Supper and the Holy Family, are now located near the two auxiliary front entrances.

Mark Humenick

Mark Humenick, of Humenick Liturgical Arts in Santa Fe, NM, was chosen to restore and renovate the following: the Tabernacle, the Ambry door and the Stations of the Cross. Mark designed and crafted the Altar, the Ambo, the Processional Cross, the Presence Lamp, the Candlesticks, the Holy Water Fonts, the Cantor Stand and the Credence Tables. 

Mark worked very closely with Greg Davis, our Architect, and the parishioners who served on committees planning liturgical items for our new sanctuary. All items designed and crafted by Mark are one of a kind and were created in his studios in Santa Fe, NM.

Beyer Stained Glass

One of the most exciting features in our new worship space is the stained glass windows, which were purchased from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. French and German artists originally designed these windows for St. Bonaventure and St. Edward the Confessor Catholic Churches in inner city Philadelphia. Beyer Stained Glass Company in Philadelphia removed the windows before the churches were demolished, renovated and repaired the windows and frames, and transported and installed the following windows: Peter and the Apostles in the Gathering Space, The Holy Family and Mary Magdalene and Jesus in the Eucharistic Reservation Chapel, and 13 total geometric style windows in the Main Sanctuary and 6 in the Day Chapel.

St. Peter’s Church in Boerne has four of the same geometric style windows in their new sanctuary.

Donna Dobberfuhl

A professional studio sculptor since 1973, Donna L. Dobberfuhl holds her MFA degree from the New York Academy of Art Graduate School of Figurative Art in Manhattan. Donna was chosen to design the wall mural behind the altar, a brick sculpture of the Ascending Christ Welcoming All People. Rays of mosaic tiles radiate from the central figure, and a recessed area for positioning the Processional Cross is located within the sculpture.

Donna’s brick sculptures and bronze sculptures are well known locally and nationally. She belongs to many processional associations and has received numerous awards, fellowships, and grants.

Jerry McKenna

Jerry McKenna, of Boerne, TX, received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Notre Dame, and a Master of Arts degree from Webster University, in Webster Grove, MO. He continued his studies in art in Augusta, GA, Chicago and San Antonio.

Jerry crafted the Bronze Baptismal Font bowl for St. Mark’s new sanctuary at his studio in the Texas Hill Country. He is nationally known for his realistic bronze sculptures, the most recent being a bronze sculpture of Frank Leahy, former Notre Dame football coach. His works can be found in museums, parks, churches, halls of fame and private collections around the world.

The Cavallini Company

The Cavallini Company of San Antonio designed the seven small windows depicting the Sacraments in our original Day Chapel. These windows are now placed in the wall between the main sanctuary and the Eucharistic Reservation Chapel and Reconciliation Room.

Parish Craftsmen

Two St. Mark’s parishioners, Rod Burks & Bernie Ginnelly, renovated and restored the original main Altar and Ambo, which is now used in the Day Chapel.

John-Paul Buzard Pipe Organ Builders

John-Paul Buzard is the President & Tonal Director of Buzard Pipe Organ Builders, LLC of Champaign, Illinois. He received his Master of Music degree in Church Music and Organ Performance from Northwestern University in 1980, and his Master Organbuilder Certificate (now Fellow) from the AIO in 1985. The Company is housed in a converted turn-of-the-Century hotel in downtown Champaign, and employs 16 persons, all of whom are Members of the AIO. Besides being a member of the AGO, OHS, and APOBA, John Buzard is also a Member of the Worshipful Company of Musicians of the City of London, having been sponsored by Henry Willis, as the only non-English resident ever allowed into this ancient musicians’ craft guild.

St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church has commissioned the firm of Buzard Pipe Organ Builders of Champaign, Illinois as the builder of our pipe organ. The instrument’s design encompasses 3-manuals, 35 stops and 43 ranks of pipes.

Design and Construction

Gregory M. Davis, Architect and Liturgical Design Consultant

As an architect for 25 years, Greg Davis has developed a keen sense of the sacred in his work. He was educated at Texas Tech University and received his liturgical training as Liturgical Design Consultant from the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, IL. He has designed many churches in San Antonio and the surrounding areas, including St. Peter’s in Boerne, which was completed in 1999.

Greg’s experience with St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church dates back to 1994 when he began working with parish groups to establish a vision for our new church design. Parish members have continued to be actively involved in the design of our new facility. Greg has coordinated the artwork and artists that have influenced the final church design of our new worship facility.

Greg was also responsible for the concept design of the baptismal font and has traveled with members of the parish to secure the stained glass windows utilized in the design of the sanctuary, and the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Stoddard Construction Company

Stoddard Construction Company celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2000. The company is owned and operated by three generations. They are involved in many types of construction: office buildings, schools, churches, retail, manufacturing plants, hospitals, historical renovations and theme parks. The Stoddard Company has worked extensively for the Archdiocese of San Antonio, working on some twenty parishes. Their projects range in size from one to thirteen million dollars, with a work force averaging approximately seventy-five employees.

Stoddard Construction Company is proud to have been a part of the building of St. Mark the Evangelist’s new sanctuary.

Church Location

1602 Thousand Oaks Drive
San Antonio, TX 78232
(210) 494-1606
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