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Our Parish Mission:
Fr. Pat Martin 

March 4th - 6th, 2024

6:00 PM Daily: Mass in the Sanctuary 

Confession will be available afterward


Fr. Patrick Martin, the seventeenth of twenty-two children in his family, lived a “normal” life until he was nine years old.  He contracted meningitis and was hospitalized for five months, leaving him both blind and physically disabled for the rest of his life.  With the faith and help of his dear parents, siblings, teachers, parish priests, and others in his community, he went through school long before the mainstreaming of the handicapped was ever conceived.  He became a teaching Brother, a librarian, and eventually a priest! “God called me,” he says, “to give to others what I have received.” You won't want to miss Fr. Pat's inspirational teaching during our Lenten Mission!

Please note: Our regularly scheduled adoration on Tuesday (3/4) and Wednesday (3/6) will end at 5PM. Additionally, our regularly scheduled confessions will not be held on Wednesday (3/6) from 4:30-5:50PM as confession will be available after the 6PM Mass for the Lenten Mission. 

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