Altar Servers

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Young parish members can be involved in assisting at Mass. Altar Servers help before, during and after the liturgy. This is a wonderful opportunity for young people to be involved in the parish and become an integral part of the celebration of liturgy. For more information, contact Donna Montemayor at (210) 849-7039.


 Click Here for the Altar Server registration form.


A Server's Prayer

Father in heaven,
your Son, Jesus Christ showed his love for you
by serving his needy brother and sisters.


I now ask you to give me your help
as I serve you and your people.


Open my mouth to praise you in word and song.
Open my ears to hear your Word.
Open my hands to do your work well.


Take from my heart all distracting thoughts.
Help me know what I should do, and do it well.


Help me to serve reverently at your holy altar,
and so give you praise and glory,
now and forever.