Habitat for Humanity

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St Mark's mission statement is "to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to all God's people by word and action." Habitat for Humanity offers us a great opportunity to pursue the "action" part of this statement.

Among the poor are hardworking, deserving families unable to buy a simple, decent affordable house. We partner with families in need and helpthem build affordable houses for themselves and their families at nointerest and no profit. This is not a charity or a handout program; rather, we help families help themselves.

On February 26, we will begin building our 2ist parish-sponsored house. Sponsorship includes raising $55,000 and providing workers on Fridays and Saturdays for the 8-week project. We also need lunches, snacks and refreshments for workers. WE ALSO NEED YOUR PRAYERS.  Your willingness to help means that one more needy family in San Antonio will have a decent place in which to live.  If you would like to assist in one or more areas, please contact Bill and Kathy Faucher at 210-496-7221 or bkfaucher@att.net.

If you would like more info on Habit for Humanity, please go to www.habitatsa.org.

We hope you join us in this wonderful ministry!