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In honor and appreciation of all of our gracious donors to the organ fund, a special scroll with all the names inscribed on it will be placed in the altar. For those donors whose contribution is $500 or more, there will be a special memorial with their names inscribed.

Your donations to the organ fund are always welcomed, and NOW is the time to make a contribution in honor of, or in memory of, your loved ones. Donations in any amount are welcome. Please contact the parish office if you wish to make a donation.

About the Yvonne Cosgrove Concert Series


On April 12, 2018, at the performance of the Requiem of Gabriel Fauré with choir and orchestra, it was announced that St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church will establish the Yvonne Cosgrove Concert Series in her memory and honor.

Yvonne was a faithful, well loved parishioner who was devoted to choral music for most of her life. She served St. Mark parish as a committed choir member and cantor.   Her passing was all too sudden for us all.    This series in her honor will help her to continue to serve us with promoting sacred music concerts in her name.   She was also well known in the San Antonio choral community and served the San Antonio Choral Society many years as a librarian and eventually as president.

We are beginning to plan for concerts for 2019-2020.  The concerts we have already established have been well received and we want to continue to grow community support.   We look to offer a variety of concerts and styles of music as donations will support. The series is completely supported by donations and we are welcoming donations for the next fiscal year beginning in July.  

If you would like to consider a gift please contact the music office directly.   Any amount helps promote the series.   A typical concert will often have expenses between $1000 - $2000 or more depending on musicians involved, practice time and travel.  

Stay tuned for announcements about the coming year.  Prayerfully consider this great opportunity to honor our beloved parishioner. And continue to offer your prayers for Yvonne as she continues to be with us in this way.

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