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The Spirit and the Word Praise and Prayer Group is a Catholic Charismatic Prayer Group that gathers weekly on Wednesday nights from 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM in the Guadalupe Room, Building 14. We meet monthly every third Wednesday of the school year in the Day Chapel at 7:00 PM for Charismatic Healing of the Family Tree Mass and offer Adoration from 9:00 PM to Midnight. All are invited and you are never late. We are Catholic Christians who give praise, thanks, honor, and express our love to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior through evidence and demonstration of the Holy Spirit.

In 1967, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal began at a Duquesne University students retreat outside of Pittsburgh, PA. The students prayed, asking God to allow them to experience the grace of both Baptism and Confirmation. That weekend, they had a powerful transforming experience of God, which is now known as "Baptism in the Holy Spirit."

In 1978, an office for the Charismatic Renewal was established in the Vatican. Known today as ICCRS, the "International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services", this office assists in promoting a "culture of Pentecost" throughout the Church.

In 1997, the Bishops of the United States issued "Grace for the New Spring Time", a document on the Charismatic Renewal. They support the renewal by encouraging the whole church to embrace "the Baptism in the Holy Spirit" as part of the normal Christian Life.

Today the Renewal has spread to every continent, received the blessing of the Popes, and has refreshed souls in the Holy Spirit by bringing people to Jesus, giving many a new start at life. People are healed physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Building unity among Catholics and Protestants the Renewal has been a strong means of evangelization allowing people to experience the power and presence of God in a way that for many is new and deeper than was previously known to them. The Holy Spirit comes to enable the faith of people to live an "abundant life" that Jesus said He would give (John 10:10). People are converted, and with newfound joy and peace, fall in love with Christ and His Church to serve and evangelize.

Vatican II said concerning the charisms (gifts of the Holy Spirit): "It is not only through the sacraments and Church ministries that the Holy Spirit sanctifies and leads the people of God. He distributes special graces among the faithful of every rank. These charismatic gifts, whether they be the most outstanding or the more simple and widely diffused, are to be received with thanksgiving and consolation, for they are exceeding suitable and useful for the needs of the Church."

Join us and experience what the Gift of the Holy Spirit is and what the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are to you. Contact Carmen Frankel at for more information.

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