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Come Back to Church

My Dear People,

The COVID-19 crisis has been devastating for millions of people around the world, and its impact goes far beyond the physical effects of the disease. Everyone has experienced the pandemic differently, depending on their unique circumstances. But recent research from Bath University in England suggests that the pandemic can have positive effects on mental health, and even lead to post-traumatic growth. This also applies to our faith lives. The removal of daily distractions (travel, commuting to work, unnecessary meetings, etc.) has allowed you and me an opportunity to focus on strengthening our faith lives.

How have you grown your faith life during this pandemic? In the May issue of The Winged Lion parishioners and the staff at St. Mark the Evangelist share growth opportunities during this past year. We have adapted how we instruct our students to stretch themselves in their faith in St. Mark Catholic Preschool, Elementary, Youth and Adult Faith Formation. Our communications team h