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From Death to New Life


     Spring is the time in which we do a lot of trimming and pruning. This past winter caused some of the branches of Sago Palm Trees to freeze and discolor. One of our maintenance workers recently pruned those damaged branches off the Sago Palms on our church grounds since the soft, green new growths are making their annual springtime appearance. Pruning removes the old to make way for vibrant, new growth. 


     It’s like that in our spiritual lives, isn’t it? Over time we accumulate bad habits, sins we are too comfortable hanging on to, and other faults that need to be cut off to make room for new growth. John’s gospel tells us that Jesus prunes all that does not bear fruit from our lives so that we may be better prepared to bear good fruit through a spiritual renewal in our lives.   


     What do you need pruning from? It may be from thinking you don’t need God or the Church when in fact, we do. It may be excess pride that hinders us from reaching out to others both to seek their help or to offer it. It may be an exaggerated focus on life’s material things that stunts spiritual growth and hinders acts of generosity. May we be open to allow the Lord to cut off the dead weight of our sins to make room for new life and growth to flourish. 





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