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Have You Disappointed God?

“The feast is ready,

but those who were invited were not worthy to come.

Go out, therefore, into the main roads and invite to the feast

whomever you find.”

From Sunday’s Gospel: Matthew 22:1-14

We have all heard the phrase “God will provide”; today’s readings point to that reality. In Isaiah’s vision of a new Jerusalem located atop a mountain, God will provide a feast of rich food and choice wine. In the Gospel, the king has prepared a lavish wedding feast in honor of his son where even the fatted calves were slain. Both readings speak of the abundance God provides for us, that is, if we accept the gracious invitation extended to us.

Invitations, like most things, have experienced quite a transformation. Before, they were all printed and mailed well in advance. Now we are more likely to receive an electronic invitation. Regardless of the medium used, invitations, whether it be for a wedding, birthday or any other special occasion are important.

We are also familiar with disappointment when someone that we invite isn’t able or willing to show up. Imagine God’s disappointment when the riches of his grace are ready to be poured out upon us, yet go unused when many choose to not respond to God’s call. The ones who lose out are those that count themselves out! Aside from showing up, the attitude we bring to the banquet matters; the person who attended but is not properly dressed is not deemed worthy of the invitation and is excluded. God wants us to partake of the Eucharistic Feast, but how many believers don’t accept the invitation? Yes, God does provide, but we must do our part by having a spirit of openness, willingness and gratitude in partaking of the riches of the feast offered to us.

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