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PTC Board Overview

We would like to welcome you to the school year and encourage your participation and input in our volunteer program. This year our goal is to promote community spirit by providing opportunities to bring families together in fellowship, fun and learning. Preschool is an exciting time for parents and children as many friendships are formed during these early years that will last a lifetime. The Parent-Teacher Committee, PTC, offers a variety of ways to become involved in your child’s first school experience, meet other families, and support the preschool. No matter what your interests, talents, or availability may be, we have a spot for you in the PTC.

What does the PTC do?

The PTC is responsible for classroom parties, planning and carrying out preschool events, supporting preschool families in need and bringing preschool parents together. Please refer to our Board Member Roster to find a short description of each Board members role and responsibilities. If you are interested in lending your support, opportunities to volunteer will be made available as each event nears. Your questions, comments and suggestions will be graciously accepted. Please contact any of the Board members using the information provided in our Board Member Roster.


PTC Co-Coordinators

• Teacher Appreciation 
• Parent Education/Mixers 
• Assist with Open House 
• Follow-up with Rm. Parent Coordinator 
• Coordinate Family Fun Night 
• Keep master email/volunteer lists 
• Create notices of school events and keep school web page updated 
• Manage the PTC account 
• Arrange for Noah’s Ark for meetings, etc. 

Newsletter Editor

• Create and write monthly school newsletter (with article contributions from volunteers) 
• Report on current school events to parents via the newsletter 
• Review final copy with Kathy and Connie before print 
• Support the activities of other PTC Board members


Click Here to view the PTC Board Overview.


By-Laws of the Preschool Parent Teacher Committee (PTC)

Name of Organization: Parent Teacher Committee (PTC)

  1. Mission Statement: The mission of the St. Mark’s Preschool Parent Teacher Committee is to promote and support the success of the preschool administrative staff, teachers, and students through selfless giving, kindness, and dedication.
  2. Goal: The committee will plan and implement fundraisers, assist with class parties and projects, organize and implement teacher appreciation events, plan parent education opportunities, promote community spirit, provide assistance to families of preschool students during times of need, and help coordinate new programs with the preschool administration.
  3. The PTC will have no administrative responsibility.
  4. Organization:
    • Membership is open to all family members of children attending the preschool.
    • The PTC Board will consist of four members: two PTC Co-Coordinators, a Room Parent Coordinator, and Newsletter Editor.
    • Selection of officers: Recommendations for committee positions will be given by current Board members to preschool administration in April for discussion and selection; volunteers for Board positions will be considered as well. A PTC Board member’s term runs from June 1 of the current year until May 31 of the following year.
  5. Meetings:
    • Board meetings will be held monthly and/or as necessary.
    • General PTC Parent meetings will be held as necessary as well as prior to the school’s annual fundraiser event
  6. Responsibilities/Roles:
    • The PTC Board will be responsible for scheduling the calendar of PTC events for each school year prior to the church event calendar deadline.
    • PTC Co-Coordinators will be responsible for: Teacher Appreciation, Parent Education/Mixers, assisting with Open House, following-up with Room Parent Coordinator, Coordinating Family Fun Night, keeping master email/volunteer lists, creating parent notices of school events and keeping school web page updated, managing PTC account, and arranging for Noah’s Ark for meetings, etc.
    • Room Parent Coordinator will be responsible for facilitating information to Room parents & overseeing them, hosting Room Parent Introduction Meeting at beginning of year, Caring & Sharing—follow-up for each class, coordinating Bake Sales with Room Parents, assisting PTC Co- Coordinators with Family Fun Night volunteers.
    • Newsletter Editor will be responsible for creating and writing monthly school newsletter, reporting on current school events to parents, reviewing final copy of newsletter with Kathy and Connie before print, and supporting the activities of other PTC Board members.

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