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Our goal as a Catholic Faith community is to provide the structure and activities to help each and every one of us grow into true disciples of Christ. As an aid on this journey of growth, we invite you to be proactive in your faith and become involved in our Community. Many of our God-given gifts are squandered when we are content with merely being a nominal Catholic, leaving those gifts unused.

Every member of our parish is challenged to live their Catholic faith to the fullest by reaching out to others and focusing less on self. We are called to share our gifts with the Community so that they may become God’s gifts to all. A true disciple has no other choice.

These are some of the ways you can move beyond mere membership and start on the path to discipleship:

  • Celebrate the gift of Eucharist every weekend and Holy Day
  • Pray together as a family on a regular basis
  • Give priority to spending time as a family
  • Offer at least one hour of service to your church community each week through a ministry of choice
  • Tithe a proportion of your gross income in your offertory envelope each weekend, recognizing that your earnings are also a gift from God

When we are generous, great things are possible. Meeting only minimum requirements creates very limited results.

Stewardship Is A Way of Life

That is the basis for Stewardship. Stewardship is neither a secular term nor a code word for fund-raising. It is the way of life—the wise use of all that we are and what we have, knowing that what we are and what we are becoming comes from God. He is the creator of our world. He has called us to be co-creators in the use of the gifts He has given us and to be responsible in the way we use those gifts.

God has made us for his glory. He has given us new life—His love—through His Son, Jesus Christ. In that love he empowers us through the Holy Spirit to reach out and look for the needs of one another and to build His kingdom among us, His family, the Church. God will one day ask us to give an account for the stewardship of time, talent and treasure that He has entrusted to us. Stewardship starts not with the need of the parish, no matter how important these are, but with the personal need of each one of us to return to God a truly grateful portion of our time, talent and treasure in thanksgiving for all the blessings He gives us. Stewardship of finance, for example, says that more important than the material need of the parish is the need of the giver to give.

A life of stewardship is a way of saying we belong to the Lord and one another. It is:

  • An Act of Faith: we profess that we belong to God and all that we possess is His
  • An Act of Trust: we place our life in God’s loving hands and make Him our treasure
  • An Act of Worship: we adore Him as the giver of all good gifts
  • An Act of Belonging: we unite our offering with the rest of our parish family so that together we might care for the need of one another

A thankful portion must be the first portion. Jesus told us to seek first His Kingdom and everything else will be added unto us. When we decide that the first part of our stewardship belongs to God and to His poor, we are making a faith decision. We are trusting that what is life over after we have given God His share will be enough for us and our family.

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