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The vision that we have for Youth Ministry is to form a program: "to the youth, with the youth, by the youth, and for the youth," as stated in the bishops document A Vision of Youth Ministry. We need to develop in the youth the strong foundation in their faith, the belief in themselves, and do all this in a safe and accepting environment. We need to show through words and actions the life that Christ would like us to lead.

In order to accomplish this task, we need to focus on the whole youth. As it states in A Vision of Youth Ministry, "The youth minister should take seriously their responsibility to help young people grow as total persons socially, spiritually, culturally, etc." We need to be as ready to listen to why Susie won't go out with Jim, as we are to some deep philosophical dilemma they might have with the Pope. We need to know what the world is like that the youth live in today. Not, as they love to put it, "Way back in the Seventies".

To deal with the whole person of the youth we need to see a youth, as an actual whole person. Sometimes people look at adolescence as a "phase", something to "get through", or a "problem to be solved". They don't see these people as valued members of the community with ideas, energy, and commitment to be encouraged and nurtured by their community.

The way to get to know these people and where they are in their lives is through a relationship. And, for a relationship to build we need to spend time with each one of them as an individual. Relationships allow us to know the needs of each individual teen, their needs, and the most effective approach to win their friendship.

An important part of Faith Formation is the High School Youth Group. Through total Youth Ministry, we strive to integrate the teachings of the Church into the everyday lives of St. Mark's High School age members.


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