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Youth Leader Discipleship Principals and Goals


  • The voice of youth must be heard if we are to announce the Good News to it’s fullest.
  • Youth have gifts and charisms to share in leadership and ministry.
  • Youth who are striving to be young disciples deserve training and support.
  • Adults make a crucial difference in sponsoring youth as leaders by reading the community and providing ongoing support.


The purpose of Youth Leader Discipleship is to empower young people for Christian Leadership in Church and the wider community. This includes formation of skills, spirituality and faith perspective.


Youth Leader Discipleship..

  • prepares youth to take leadership of their lives and choices.
  • It helps youth to learn about personal leadership: being pro-active, making decisions, setting goals and discerning their mission in life.
  • supports leaders through the development of prayer skills and a spirituality for leadership.
  • trains youth to be leaders of ministry in a community.
  • helps youth to communicate effectively with others, to lead group discussions and to understand needs based programs planning.
  • challenges youth to bring their Christian values to their leadership role in Church, school, and the community.
  • forms youth in the vision and values of Jesus and makes the connection for young leaders between their Catholic faith, their values and their actions in leadership.


  1. Principal Centered Living
  2. Be a Proactive Leader
  3. Follow Jesus
  4. The Young Church of Today
  5. Communication Skills
  6. Group Facilitation Skills
  7. Win/Win Negotiating
  8. Mission and Spirit
  9. Plan to Serve
  10. Putting it all together