Middle School Goals

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Middle School Goals

  • Provide a positive atmosphere where our youth become increasingly aware of God's love through instruction and experiences.
  • Have a safe place for the youth to discuss his or her Faith questions
  • Foster a desire to respond to God's love by sharing their gifts through service
  • Give the youth role models of practicing Catholic adults to share their wisdom
  • Provide spiritual experience of Jesus through Liturgy, and the Word of God, in a deep profound way.
  • Provide a positive experience of the Catholic Church.
  • Assist teens in gaining understanding and appreciation of Catholic Church Teachings and Beliefs.
  • Incorporate the Catholic Church’s Vision of Social Justice and Peace.
  • Develop an understanding in youth that they are a vital and visual presence within the parish.
  • To create a desire to attend mass: to become excited about the…”GOOD NEWS”.
  • Encourage and support all youth to make conscious life choices on the basis of Gospel values.

Youth Ministry It Takes a Whole Church!

  • Advocacy
  • Catechesis
  • Community Life
  • Evangelization
  • Justice and Service
  • Leadership Development
  • Pastoral Care

Catholic Social Teachings

  • Dignity of all People
  • Community and the Common Good
  • Rights and Responsibilities
  • Option for the Poor
  • Solidarity
  • Care of God’s Creation



  • Scout Troop 500
    Scoutmaster Mark Rayfield  210-404-0772