The Edge

The EDGE is a Catholic Centered Youth Ministry and Catechesis aimed at young adolescents. It is designed to meet their Educational, Spiritual, Emotional, and Social Needs. Our program content is derived from the basic guidelines as set forth by the Archdiocese of San Antonio.  We have a three year rotating curriculum based on the four pillars of the Catechism: The Creed, Christian Living, Prayer and Sacraments.  All to help build a foundation of faith for our young people in time when so many changes take place for them personally.

As part of the St. Mark Mission Statement “To Spread the Good News of Jesus Christ to all God’s People by Word and Action”, Middle School Youth are encouraged to bring their friends. They are encouraged to commit to the scheduled classes, take part in their small groups, and come with a healthy attitude, and open heart.

This year we will be studying Prayer and the Sacraments.  A number of Issue Nights and Social Nights have also been planned as well. It will be a great year to be in The EDGE.  Check the calendar and sign up today.

Of course we are always looking for adults to help mentor our young people on their journey of faith.  If you would like to help as one of our Core Team leaders please call Zach Hemmi at 494-1959 x332.